Best Car Loan Tips for Bad Credit Score

June 20, 2024

Discover valuable tips for getting a car loan in this guide. Lenders review your credit report when you apply for a car loan to assess your risk level. If you have a lower credit score, they may ask for a larger down payment, requiring you to pay more upfront when purchasing the car.

A car loan for someone with a low credit score might have higher interest rates. This means you will pay more money over time. The terms might be stricter, too. For example, you might have less time to pay back the loan.

Bad credit can make getting a car loan more complex and expensive, but don’t worry! You can still get the loan by using our car loan calculator.

Over time, you can improve your credit score. Paying your bills on time and reducing debt can help. This will help you get better loan terms later.

Follow the best car loan tips for people in Perth, Western Australia, who want a car dealership to finance a car. If you live in Perth and need a car, remember you have options. Even with bad credit, you can still find a way to get the vehicle you need.

Key Takeaways

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Improve your credit score by implementing the following car loan tips:

  1. Review your credit reports
  2. Pay bills on time
  3. Avoid defaulted accounts
  4. keep your credit card balances low
  5. Diversify your credit and apply for new credit sparingly
  6. Refrain from assuming the worst if you need a car loan with bad credit
  7. Check your credit, aim high, and shop around
  8. Start with small banks or credit unions
  9. Consider a co-signer. Focus on loan terms, not just monthly car loan repayments.
  10. Watch out for extra costs. When looking for car loan tips, compare different lenders. The terms, interest rates, and fees can vary, so taking time to compare can save you money.

Part 1: Understanding Bad Credit Car Loans

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What is a Bad Credit Score, and How Does it Affect Auto Financing? 

There are two popular scoring models used to determine someone’s credit score. A bad credit score falls into the ranges FICO and VantageScore consider poor or very poor. FICO scores range from 300 to 850. A score below 579 is deemed inadequate.

VantageScore ranges from 300 to 850, and a score below 600 is considered poor. Lenders see you as a higher risk if your credit score is in these ranges.

This can make it harder to get loans or credit. And if you get a car loan approved, you might have to pay higher interest rates. However, Improving your credit score can help you get better loan terms.

A bad credit score affects your car loan terms in several ways. First, you will likely face a high interest rate. Banks and other financial institutions check your credit score before approving a car loan.

If your score is low, they see you as a higher risk. To offset this risk, they charge higher interest rates. This means you will pay more money over the life of the loan.

Second, you might get a shorter time to repay the loan. With a low credit score, lenders may give you a shorter loan term. This means you have less time to pay back the loan.

As a result, your monthly repayments will be higher. This can make it harder to manage your monthly budget.

Key Factors Lenders Consider in Bad Credit Car Loan Applications

1. Income Stability and Employment History

Lenders look at your work history to see if you have a stable income. Lenders are more likely to approve your loan if you have a steady job. It would be best to have been with the same employer for a long time. This shows you can make regular repayments and are less of a risk.

Your income level is also significant because it shows whether you have enough money to repay the loan. Lenders may check your earnings and look at your savings and checking accounts. With a higher income, you might qualify for a larger loan amount and get better interest rates.

2. Debt-to-Income Ratio

Lenders analyze your debt-to-income ratio. They compare your debt payments to your income. A lower ratio means you have less debt than your income, showing you can handle another loan. This makes lenders more confident in giving you a loan.

4. Down Payment Amount

The amount of your down payment is also essential. A higher down payment means you owe less on the loan right away.

This reduces the total loan amount and makes lenders feel more secure. Putting down 10-20% of a car’s price can help you get better financing options. (Source)

Part 2: Tips to Secure a Car Loan with a Bad Credit Score

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Tips to Improve Your Credit Score Before Applying for a Car Loan

Improving your credit score before applying for a car loan can help you get lower interest rates. It can also save you money. Here are some tips to help you boost credit repair and overall score:

1. Dispute Errors on Your Credit Report

Start by getting a free copy of your credit report from the Australian Credit Union. Check it carefully for any mistakes, like a report saying you missed a payment when you paid on time. If you find an error, contact the major credit bureaus.

You can do this by mail, phone, or online. The credit bureau will then investigate the mistake. If the error is confirmed, it will be removed, which could improve your credit score.

2. Avoid Applying for New Credit

Each time you apply for new credit, a hard inquiry is made on your report. This can lower your credit score by a few points, although the drop is usually temporary. It’s best to avoid applying for new credit when preparing for a car loan.

3. Lower Your Credit Card Balances

Your credit utilization ratio is a crucial part of your credit score. It’s the amount of credit you use compared to your credit limit. Lenders prefer to see this ratio at or below 30%.

If your credit card balances are higher, work on paying them down. This can help raise your credit score and make you more attractive to lenders when you apply for a car loan.

4. Pay Your Bills on Time

Your payment history is the most essential part of your credit score, making up 35%. If you pay your bills late, your score can drop. To improve your credit score, always pay your bills on time.

If you have any past-due accounts, pay them to avoid further damage to your credit score. Consistently paying on time will help your score improve over time.

However, improving your credit score takes time. Recovery time can vary depending on the event that impacted your score. For example, bankruptcy recovery takes over six years.

However, a foreclosure takes about three years for your score to bounce back. If you miss or default on a payment, your credit score may take around 18 months to improve.

A late mortgage payment of 30 to 90 days can affect your score for about nine months. Recovering from closing or maxing out a credit card takes about three months. Also, applying for a new credit card can hurt your score.

The effect lasts about three months. Knowing these time frames can help you manage your expectations. They can also help you plan well to boost your credit score before applying for a car loan.

Finding the Right Lenders for Bad Credit Car Loans 

Banks That Offer Loans for Bad Credit In Perth, Western Australia

Some banks often offer personal loans to people with bad credit. But, the terms and interest rates may vary. Here are some of the banks that give bad credit loans.

  • Finance One
  • Loan zone WA
  • Ume Loans
  • Pepper Money
  • City Finance

Benefits Of Credit Unions And Community Banks Versus Large Banks.

Credit unions and community banks offer several advantages over large banks. They typically offer lower rates and fees and more personal customer service.

Significant dondon’tndon’t this. They keep the profits. But credit unions return them to members. They do this through lower fees and better interest rates.

Community banks also focus on building customer relationships and supporting local communities. These institutions prioritize member and community benefits over maximizing profits.

The Role of Co-signers in Securing Better Loan Terms

What Is A Co-signer, And How Do Co-signers Work?

A co-signer has a solid financial history and agrees to support one or more borrowers on a loan. They act as a safety net for the landlord. The co-signer agrees to pay if the bora cannot pay the loan.

Advantages And Risks Of Having A Co-signer

1. Adding a co-signer can increase the chances of a car loan pre-approval. This is true if the borrower has limited income, low credit scores, or little to no credit history. A co-signer makes a lender more confident in approving the application.

2. A co-signer may help a borrower qualify for a larger loan. They can also get a lower interest rate and better terms, making the loan more affordable and manageable.

3. Having a co-signer has one significant advantage: the chance to improve your credit score. Making regular, on-time loan payments can improve your credit score, which will, over time, help you qualify for loans on your own with better terms.


1. Credit Impact for Both Parties: Both the borrower’s and the co-signer’s credit scores are at risk. If the borrower fails to make payments, it can negatively affect both credit scores.

2. Pressure to Pay: The co-signer is legally obligated to cover the payments if the borrower does not pay. This can create financial stress and pressure on the co-signer.

3. Relationship Strain: Relationships can be damaged if one party is irresponsible with payments. Trust issues may arise. This will happen if the borrower fails to meet their financial duties.

4. Legal Obligation: The co-signer cannot back out of the contract once it is signed. They are legally bound to the loan until it is fully paid. This remains regardless of changes in their relationship or finances.

Understanding the Fine Print: What to Look for in Bad Credit Car Loan Offers 

  • APR vs. interest rates

When seeking car loan tips, it’s important to distinguish between APR and the interest rate. The interest rate represents the percentage charged on the total cost borrowed, while the APR encompasses the interest rate and other fees to provide a more comprehensive view of the total loan cost. Additional expenses can cause the APR to be higher than the interest rate.

For example, your monthly payment might seem straightforward if you borrow $10,000 at a 6% interest rate for 60 months. However, the total loan cost will increase if there are extra fees, such as a $200 loan processing fee.

The APR shows this by including all the additional charges. Knowing these terms helps you see the actual cost of the loan.

  • Hidden fees and penalties

Watch out for hidden fees and penalties when getting a bad credit car loan by reading the terms and conditions. First, be aware that sales tax varies by state, and you might also have to pay registration taxes. These can be included in your loan, which raises your monthly payments.

Perth car dealerships often charge fees like title, registration, and destination charges. They also charge for optional services, like fabric or paint protection. You can sometimes avoid these fees by negotiating.

Credit car insurance covers payments if you die, become disabled, or lose your job. It is usually optional, expensive, and often unnecessary. Be aware of prepayment penalties, which some loans charge if you pay off the loan early.

Consider the cost of missed opportunities. These may come from other financial issues you’d have by taking out a car loan.

This is especially true if the new payments exceed your current ones, which can affect your budget and financial goals.


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  • Can I Get A Car Loan With A Credit Score Under 500?

Yes, you can get a car loan with a credit score of 500, but finding a lender willing to approve it is much more complicated. A 500 credit score is considered poor, and lenders see you as a high-risk borrower.

  • Are there specific dealerships in Perth that specialize in bad credit car finance?

Yes, some specific dealerships in Perth specialize in bad credit car finance. They help people with poor credit get Perth car loans by offering them different car finance options.

  • How Can I Avoid Predatory Lending Practices?

Start by examining the Truth in Lending Disclosure. It outlines the basic loan terms. These include the interest rate and monthly payments you were promised.

Next, review the Settlement or Closing Statement to see all the fees being charged for the loan. Ensuring these documents match your promise helps protect you from unfair lending practices.


Infographic titled "Best Car Loan Tips for Bad Credit Score," showing FICO credit score ranges and tips to improve credit scores. ​​

Securing a car loan with a bad credit score is challenging but not impossible. We’ve discussed several key strategies to help you navigate this process. Raise your credit score.

You can review reports, pay bills on time, and keep card balances low. Next, consider stable income, debt-to-income ratio, and a significant down payment.

Remember, bad credit shouldn’t prevent you from seeking a car loan. You can find a financing solution that works for you. It would be best if you had the right approach and perseverance.

Ready to take the next step in financing your car in Perth despite having bad credit? Please fill out our finance inquiry form. You’ll get personalized help tailored to your needs!

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