Holden Caprice Review: Australia’s Flagship Sedan

April 29, 2023

Holden Caprice is a popular full-size luxury sedan known as Australia’s flagship model. It has been on Australian roads for decades, renowned for its sleek, sophisticated design, spacious interior, and powerful performance. This blog post provides a full review to help you decide if Holden Caprice is right for you. Let’s get started!

What Is Holden Caprice?

The Holden Caprice is a large, luxurious Australian sedan produced by Holden from 1990 to October 2017. It was based on General Motors’ Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Zeta platform and provided drivers with a comfortable and spacious ride. The full-sized vehicle was popular among car enthusiasts for its impressive performance capabilities and superior design features.

Americans know Holden Caprice as the Chevy Caprice PPV (Police Patrol Vehicle), used for police patrols and other law enforcement purposes.

The Holden Caprice model shared many similarities with the Holden Statesman. It first appeared on the market in 1990 and was discontinued in September 2010. Both vehicles were long-wheelbase versions of the Commodore range, making them General Motors’ largest rear-wheel drive sedans during 2006.

In February 2020, General Motors (GM) declared they would discontinue the Holden brand. They stated their decision was based on exiting the highly fragmented right-hand-drive market. Thus, retiring the Holden name in 2021.

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What to Know About Holden Caprice Cars


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The Caprice is a large vehicle. It measures 5,161 mm (203 inches) in total length and has a wheelbase of 3,010 mm (118.5 inches). The full-sized sedan has an impressive height of 1,475 millimetres (58 inches) and a width of 1,899 millimetres (75 inches). It has four doors and can accommodate up to five people in its interior.

Power And Efficiency

Holden Caprice black car interior

The Caprice offers power from two distinct sources: Holden’s 3.6-litre V6 engine with 195 kW output or a 6.0-litre V8 engine with 270 kW output.

The Caprice is one of the finest sports sedans powered by the beefier V8 and mated to its 6-speed automatic transmission. It’s a combination of performance and luxury that will surely bring out your inner driver.

Holden V8 Caprice can reach an astonishing speed of 100 km/h from a standing start in just 6.6 seconds. It is an impressive feat that many European sports sedans cannot easily match or exceed. This acceleration demonstrates this vehicle’s power and performance, providing drivers with a thrilling motoring experience.

Sound System

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Caprice has a state-of-the-art 220 Watt Bose 10-speaker sound system. It includes powerful subwoofers, an MP3-compatible 6-disc CD player, and a DVD player with dual screens for optimal entertainment. Additionally, two pairs of multifunction headsets allow rear-seat passengers to enjoy their music.

Interior and Comfort

Holden’s highly anticipated iQ system is integrated into the centre console. Although positioned at an awkward elbow height, accessing it is inconvenient. This feature has been discussed extensively, a part of Holden’s commitment to providing drivers with cutting-edge technology.

The cabin of the Caprice provides a pleasant experience. It has dual-zone climate control, comfortable leather seats, and metallic trim accents. Other interior conveniences are handy auxiliary power sockets built into the car’s central console and boot area.


The Caprice V is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, with no manual option. It has a quoted 12.3 litres per 100 kilometres or 19.1 miles per gallon US. It’s one most fuel-efficient vehicles of its class, offering great value for money.

The engine of this vehicle has sublimely smooth and remarkably flexible performance, making it ideal for long-distance cruising on highways.

Fuel Efficiency

The Holden Caprice was designed to provide both performance and luxury. Its 4th generation alloy V8 engine generates 260 kilowatts of power with 517-Newton metres of torque at 4400 rpm.

The 2013 Holden Caprice V is equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, complemented by Active Fuel Management (AFM). This combination delivers a fuel efficiency of 14.5 litres per 100km (combined) under normal driving conditions.

The 2017 model of the same vehicle was improved in terms of fuel economy. It consumes 11.7 litres per 100km (combined), making it much more economical and efficient than its predecessor.

Fuel Type 

The Holden Caprice is a superb vehicle for Sedans. It can be outfitted with Petrol (Gasoline) or LPG engine types, ranging from 3.6 to 6 litres in volume. This makes the Holden Caprice a reliable, powerful, and efficient car with long-term service.

Infotainment System

Infotainment System of a holden caprice car model

Holden’s infotainment system offers various features. It allows access to your CD collection, iPod library, satellite navigation and contacts with the convenience of hands-free Bluetooth communications. This provides a smoother ride for the driver, who can control all these features without taking their eyes off the road.

Rear parking sensors are invaluable tools for your vehicle’s in-dash infotainment system. They help you manoeuvre even into the narrowest spaces. With a visual screen display, these sensors help you see other vehicles or objects behind you and park safely.

Safety Rating

The Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) conducted comprehensive safety testing in 2008. It revealed that Holden’s Statesman and Caprice variants have similar levels of occupant protection as the original model.

All WM Statesman and Caprice from August 2009 bear a 5-star ANCAP safety rating for the new passenger seat belt reminder.

Safety Features

holden caprice crash test image

The Holden Caprice has various safety features to ensure maximum protection for its occupants. These include side and curtain airbags, pre-tensioner seatbelts with load limiters, and active head restraints.

Furthermore, it has a sophisticated computerised system that can do the following:

  • Detects when the pyrotechnic pre-tensioners are deployed
  • Automatically unlocks the doors,
  • Turns off the engine
  • Cuts the fuel supply
  • activates the hazard lights for added visibility

Most modern vehicles have standard safety features, such as antilock braking systems, electronic brake force distribution, and electronic stability control. Furthermore, advanced seat belt reminders have been installed in both front seats to ensure passengers always wear safety belts.

Ride Experience

holden caprice car black interior

The Holden Caprice can tackle turns with agility and grace like a mountain goat, proving its sure-footedness. Its precise handling can undertake intricate moves such as the Capriole, displaying its remarkable finesse.

The advanced traction control system is integral to the electronic stability program and provides a smooth driving experience and agility.

The sports luxury suspension features Holden’s Linear Control Suspension technology for a firmer and more responsive ride. It also offers excellent road handling and feedback from the car.

The Limited Slip Differential is an optional feature usually included in many vehicles. It automatically transfers power from one wheel to the other when traction is reduced, providing improved stability and control.

This helps drivers in challenging conditions like snow, ice, mud or sand, making it excellent for those adventures on such terrains.

The braking power of this vehicle is sufficient, achieved by implementing ventilated discs around the entire circumference. This system supplies enough retardation to ensure a safe and secure stop.

Modern Technology

The Caprice is a luxurious sedan that combines the latest in automotive technology. It is a sophisticated vehicle designed to form a symbiotic relationship with its driver and blend into its environment.

Drivers can be more aware and better assisted during their travels by installing various technologies. These help trips become safer and smoother.

  • The car can be locked and unlocked with a Passive Entry system and sensor key. So the driver isn’t fully dependent on actual keys.
  • Using the best angles, ultrasonic sensors allow the Automatic Park Assist to accurately guide sedans into parking spaces. The system goes to the most efficient path while ensuring the car’s safe parking.
  • The Reverse Traffic Alert, a standard feature on the Holden Caprice, helps drivers overcome the challenge of reversing. This feature can detect potential cross-traffic obstacles up to 25 metres away and alert the driver via audible chimes.

These are just some modern, sophisticated assistive technologies featured in the Australian automobile. Furthermore, many of these features are now standard on new cars, offering drivers extra protection while on the road.

Pros of Holden Caprice

  1. It is a full-sized car that offers more luxury and space than the smaller Holden Commodore.
  2. It has various engine options, including V6 and V8 variants, and a sports suspension for better performance.
  3. It has premium leather seats, Bose sound system, a rear seat entertainment system, and bi-xenon headlights.
  4. It is equipped with high-quality materials to ensure a comfortable ride, and its safety measures provide reassurance on the road.

Cons Of Holden Caprice

  1. It looks a tad tired and outdated from the outside.
  2. It has a high fuel consumption of 12.3L/100KM.
  3. It lacks quad-zone climate control and a panoramic sunroof for rear passengers.
  4. It has an old-fashioned 5-inch touchscreen with limited functions.


1. Is Holden Caprice a Luxury Car?

The Holden Caprice luxury sedan offers a first-class chauffeur-driven experience, ideal for executive travel and Sydney airport transfers. Its masculine, sporty exterior and spacious interior set the luxury transportation bar high. Whether you want to make a statement on arrival or need a ride, this luxury sedan is the perfect solution.

2. Why Did General Motors Stop Manufacturing Holden Cars?

At the end of 2013, Holden declared it would cease production in Australia instead of importing vehicles from its overseas factories. General Motors’ main reasons for its decision were the strong Australian currency, high manufacturing costs, and a limited domestic market.

Consequently, this meant that thousands of Australians would lose their jobs due to the closure of the company’s local plants. In 2017, the closure of Holden’s Australian production resulted in a great impact, with close to 2,900 jobs being lost.

3. What Are Other Good Holden Models?

The 2014 Holden Captiva CG MY14 7 AWD LT

The 2014 Holden Captiva CG MY14 7 AWD LT is a mid-sized SUV. It has seven seats, a 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine, and an all-wheel drive system. Also, it has a six-speed sports automatic transmission, fuel consumption of 8.1L/100km, and a price of $13,990.

Some features include keyless entry, a sunroof, leather seats, and 18-inch alloy wheels. It is a versatile and spacious vehicle that can suit different needs and lifestyles.

The 2017 Holden Captiva LTZ

The 2017 Holden Captiva LTZ is a spacious, versatile seven-seater SUV. The LTZ is the top-of-the-range model in the Captiva series.

It has a powerful 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine and an all-wheel drive system. Other features include a 7.0-inch Apple CarPlay and Android Auto touchscreen, leather seats, 18-inch alloys, reversing camera, and climate control.

It has a fuel efficiency of 8.5 L/100km and a price of $19,990.

4. When Was The Last Holden Made In Australia?

In October 2017, Holden closed its factory in Elizabeth, 24 kilometres north of Adelaide. The bright red 2017 Holden VF was the final automobile assembled, welded, and painted on Australian soil.


While the world is moving toward more futuristic car designs, some long-standing autos remain in the rearview mirror. The Holden Caprice has been around for years and it’s as solid as ever.

The Holden Caprice is a great sedan that has long been regarded as Australia’s flagship car. With its luxurious interior, powerful engine, and advanced features, the Caprice provides an unparalleled driving experience.

As the production of Holden Caprice has ceased, the only way to obtain one is through secondhand dealerships or auto shops.

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