How Often Should You Service Your Car?

December 29, 2022

Regular servicing of your car is a must for ensuring that it runs properly and efficiently. Many motorists are unfamiliar with when, why, and the servicing intervals they should regularly service their vehicles.

One important aspect to consider when deciding on a servicing schedule is your target market determination. That is, who you are planning to sell or trade in your car to in the future.

By understanding the expectations and preferences of your potential buyers. You can better tailor your servicing schedule to meet their needs and ensure that your car maintains its value over time.

But you don’t need to be an auto expert to keep your car running smoothly! We’ll talk about servicing your car regularly and the benefits that come with it according to our mechanical experts. Read on for more of this.

Type Of Car Services And How Often You Need Them

Types of Car Services and How Often You Need Them | Mad Man Motors Mechanics Checking Under the Car Transmission

Do you know the services your car needs and at what intervals? It will help keep your vehicle running in good condition. It will also ensure that it lasts longer. Whether driving an older or a modern model, observing the following services can be key to enjoying a trouble-free ride.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance services for cars should always be your priority. It’s essential to keep up with the type of car services to guarantee your vehicle’s longevity, performance, and safety. Oil and filter replacement happens at least every 5,000-10,000 kilometres, depending on your car’s make and model.

This is important in maintaining optimal engine performance and ensuring continued warranty coverage. Failing to perform regular maintenance may void warranties and result in more costly repairs further down the road.

Interim Service

Regularly, your car should be serviced to keep it running smoothly and increase its longevity. An interim service every six months, or 10,000 kilometres, is recommended.

Furthermore, most manufacturers’ warranties require regular maintenance and service for you to remain eligible for support and insurance claims.

To stay on top of your vehicle’s servicing needs, always stick to the timetable specified by the manufacturer.

Full Service

Regular servicing of your car is essential to the maintenance and can prevent major repairs down the line. A Full Service every 12 months or 10,000km ensures that your car runs smoothly and efficiently and meets all legal standards.

These checks are important for safety reasons and can reduce long-term costs associated with faulty equipment or poor handling performance. Ultimately, Full Services provide peace of mind in knowing that your car is running as safely and efficiently as possible.

Manufacturer Service

A Manufacturer’s Service is an important component of taking care of your car. It is set up by the manufacturer and outlined in the owner’s manual for every vehicle to receive the best care.

Manufacturer Service should be addressed, as regular maintenance and tune-ups will help keep your vehicle running in peak condition. It’s important to take note of Manufacturer Services. These services need to be performed at specific intervals to maintain optimal performance.

According to the product disclosure statement, there could be serious negative consequences if car Manufacturer Services are skipped or delayed.

Benefits Of Servicing Your Car

Benefits of Servicing Your Car at Mad Man Motors

Regularly servicing your car is essential to keep it working optimally and to help you avoid expensive repair bills. Not only does regular servicing improve your vehicle’s performance, but it can also provide several other benefits that should be noticed. Here are some advantages associated with properly maintaining and servicing your vehicle.


Regular car service and maintenance are essential for keeping secure on the roads. It ensures all systems are in working order. Safety also helps prevent some of the disastrous outcomes that can arise from a faulty part or neglected servicing.

Simple checks like checking spark plugs can help reduce the chances of an accident occurring due to mechanical failure or defect.

Ensure you understand these basics and follow them through with routine service. It helps to keep you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road safe. Don’t take any unnecessary risks – Go for regular and major service to ensure each ride is free from risk!

Vehicle Lifespan

Regular servicing your car not only improves its performance but also increases its lifespan. Vehicle owners can take preventative steps to provide a longer life for their vehicles. Such preventative steps include changing the oil on time and replacing worn-out parts

Vehicle owners should routinely schedule appointments for a service checkup. This reduces the chances of future expensive repairs by spotting any potential issues early on. Regular maintenance can improve vehicle lifespan, which helps reduce breakdowns and keeps your car running smoothly over its lifetime.

Checking critical parts like brake fluid and oil-degrading ensures that your vehicle is safe and can last for many years.

Repair Costs

Repair costs can be a major headache when owning a car. Of course, they are inevitable; wear and tear happen over time. However, properly servicing your vehicle can drastically reduce repair costs as preventative maintenance catches issues before they cause costly repairs.

When a car is well-maintained, you’re far more likely to avoid more expensive fixes resulting from cumulative damage. Regular servicing allows you to stay ahead of the game. And often making small investments in services that add to huge savings on more expensive repairs.

Save Fuel

Regular servicing of your car can profoundly and positively affect saving fuel. Regular maintenance ensures that the engine and its components run at optimized performance levels, reducing overall fuel usage.

This way, you possess the necessary control over the efficiency of your automobile. And eventually contribute to substantial savings in fuel economy.

Avoid Breakdowns

One of the top benefits of servicing your car is avoiding major breakdowns. A logbook or owner of the car must ensure that their vehicle follows servicing schedule for optimum performance and safety.

This means that all manufacturers’ recommended services must be completed promptly. Regular services will uncover any small problems before they develop into major issues. It will help you avoid an emergency caused by a breakdown on the road, which can be very expensive and inconvenient.

Complying with the servicing schedule should be important to every car owner. It may ultimately help you save money and prevent stress in the long run!

Resale Potential

Regular servicing ensures that the car functions optimally and can add tremendous value when you resell it. Taking good care of the engine and bodywork is one excellent way to boost your vehicle’s resale potential. Investing in regular services will pay off in the long run!

Car Checks Between Services

Car Checks Between Services

There are scheduled services from professionals that should be attended to every 10,000-20,000 thousand kilometres or so. But in between those important checks, what else can you do? Here are key areas that need attention during interim checks and provide useful tips on keeping your car at its best.

Car Light Bulbs

Car light bulbs are one of the easiest and most effective car checks you can make between services. Having clear car light bulbs are vital for visibility, signalling other drivers, navigating dark roads, and ensuring you remain safe while driving.

This means they should be checked regularly when inspecting and servicing your vehicle, as faulty lighting is illegal. Car light bulbs reduce light gradually, meaning they may not appear to malfunction all at once.

It’s useful to replace or change them around twice a year so that your visibility is assured at all times. If necessary, you should always replace car light bulbs with those that match the original recommendation for the best performance.

Engine Oil Level

Engine oil level is a key factor in the maintenance of your car. Clean engine oil prevents metal-to-metal contact between parts, lubricates components, and helps to cool engine parts, especially modern engines. Between services, it is important to check the engine oil regularly to ensure it is at the appropriate level.

Oil Topping should be done immediately to prevent damage to internal engine components and other parts related to the engine’s operation. Make sure you use quality engine oil for all top-offs and service changes.

Coolant Level

Keeping an eye on coolant level is a simple yet important check between services that every car owner should be doing. Coolant, also known as antifreeze, helps keep different engine parts cool and prevents overheating.

The coolant absorbs extra heat from the engine and releases it when circulating the radiator. If the coolant level gets low, it’s less effective in cooling your engine down. This results in possible damage to engine components from overheating.

Windscreen Washer

A windscreen washer allows drivers to keep their windscreens clear and free of dirt, dust, and debris. Checking the Windscreen Washer regularly between car services is highly recommended.

If Windscreen Washer fluid levels are low, top up with a specially formulated Windscreen Washer fluid. It can help dissolve dirt, road grime, and insects more effectively.

A windscreen Washer is also beneficial when driving on wet roads. It reduces risks by providing clear sightlines while driving in rainy or foggy weather. Regular checking of the Windscreen Washer can help ensure your safety behind the wheel.

Condition Of The Tyres

Car tires are a key component of your vehicle’s safety. Regularly checked tyres between regular services are essential to ensure safety for the occupants and other road users. To do this, inspect your tyres for bulges, cuts, uneven wear or embedded objects that could lead to a puncture.

Inflate the tyres to the recommended pressure listed in your car’s service booklet or on your door panel. Lastly, measure the remaining tread depth with a tread gauge and replace them when needed. This will help you ensure that you travel safely with well-maintained tyres between services and beyond.

Is A Car Service The Same As An Annual Vehicle Assessment?

Is A Car Service The Same As An MOT

An annual vehicle assessment is a mandatory test assessing important components of a car to ensure it is safe for the roads. It is only performed during the initial purchase of a vehicle during registration stages by an authorised vehicle inspector.

Failure to pass could result in the car being declared unfit for the purpose or even subject to criminal prosecution. A service follows specific guidelines set out by the vehicle manufacturer that helps you keep your car running in top condition.

This often involves inspections such as checking oil levels, brakes and seatbelts, and preventative maintenance checks. An annual vehicle assessment should not take the place of a regular car service, nor vice versa. Both services are essential for driving confidently on the roads and avoiding faults or malfunctions down the line.

Is A Car Service A Legal Requirement?

A car service is not a legal requirement, though it can be highly beneficial. To ensure their car remains in peak condition, vehicle owners should service according to their guidelines.

Service may not always be necessary from a legal perspective. But taking these proactive steps may minimize the hassle of any unexpected repairs caused by having unreliable.

Do You Need To Service Your Car Every Year?

Do You Need To Service Your Car Every Year

Regularly servicing your car is essential to its proper functioning and safety. The age and condition of your car will dictate how often it should be serviced. But it’s recommended to get it looked at by an experienced mechanic at least once a year.

Having a yearly service check-up:

  • Ensure parts are maintained and running efficiently,
  • The potential issue can be detected early, so they don’t become more costly repairs in the long run.
  • Everyone is assured that the car is safe to use on the roads.

A reliable mechanic can advise what needs to be done and answer any questions you may have about your vehicle’s maintenance.

FAQs: How Often Should You Service Your Car

How Long Can You Delay A Car Service?

If regular car use isn’t necessary, it’s possible to delay your vehicle’s service for a few months. Delaying the service within 2-3 months should be fine. That’s if your car is not going through daily usage or wear-and-tear,

After How Many Kilometers Should I Service My Car?

Many manufacturers offer different recommendations on when to have your car serviced. But 10,000 kilometres is a good rule of thumb, regardless of brand. This can vary based on driving habits, climate, and conditions. However, 10,000 km is the average benchmark for regular maintenance and inspections.

Conclusion: How Often Should You Service Your Car

For most people, the answer is every 10,000 km for petrol and 20,000 km for diesel or 12 months—whichever comes first. However, it’s essential to consult your car’s owner’s manual for specific recommendations. Some vehicles may need to be serviced more frequently than others.

And if you drive under extreme conditions, you may need to service your car more often than the average driver. Following these guidelines and keeping up with regular maintenance will help keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

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