Jeep Grand Cherokee Car Review: Buyers Guide

October 27, 2023

Have you ever experienced driving on country roads and in cities with a stylish and powerful car? The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the perfect car for adventurers and everyday drivers. It’s an amazing car that can do almost anything.

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide and review, where we dive into the very essence of this exceptional vehicle. Packed with a legacy of power, luxury, and innovation, the Grand Cherokee isn’t just a car.

It’s an invitation to explore new horizons, redefine your driving experience, and set a new benchmark in the world of SUVs. Join us as we explain the features, unravel the performance, and explore why the Grand Cherokee is a pinnacle in the automotive SUV category.

What Engines Are Available?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has two types of engines. There is a diesel engine and a very powerful petrol engine. The diesel engine is a 3.0-litre turbo V6 with 247bhp and 570Nm torque.

It is linked to an 8-speed automatic transmission, which sends power to all four wheels. It can go from 0-100km in 8 seconds and reach 209km/h at the top speed. However, it doesn’t get good petrol mileage – only 13.3 L/100km and 208g/km CO2 emissions.

The most powerful version of the Grand Cherokee has a 6.2 litre supercharged V8 engine that produces 700bhp and 868Nm torque – this makes it the most powerful SUV you can buy today! It goes from 0-100 km in just 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 289km/h!

This model is not good if you want a car that uses less petrol. It only gets 25.5 L/100km and creates 395g/km of CO2.

Five Great Generations of the Jeep Grand Cherokee

First Generation: 1993-1998

jeep grand cherokee early models

The first Jeep Grand Cherokees were made in 1993. Drivers enjoyed the 4×4 SUV with 2 powerful engines, and 5 passengers had plenty of room inside. It was a mix of a truck and a comfortable car.

The 8.2-inch clearance helped you drive on different kinds of terrain and see better, too. People who owned the first models could fit lots of stuff in their cargo area (80 cubic feet), and some could even tow up to 5,000 pounds!

Second Generation: 1999-2004

jeep grand cherokee early 2000 models

The second-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee called the WJ line, was made in 1998 and sold in 1999. It was much different from its predecessor, the ZJ line, as it only had 127 parts that were the same. The WK line replaced it in 2004.

In terms of its physical design, the second-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee underwent a complete overhaul, resulting in larger rear doors for easier entry and exit as well as more interior space for rear passengers. The 2000-2004 models featured an electronic vehicle information centre as standard, which was moved from below the radio to above the driver’s side windshield for easier visibility. The high-end Limited trim level included automatic dual-zone climate control for comfort and convenience.

Third Generation: 2005-2010

Jeep Cherokee third gen

The third-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee kept the same great features as the first two generations but improved it. Instead of a solid axle, it had independent front suspension, which made the ride smoother and more responsive. It accelerated faster and could tow heavier things – up to 7,000 pounds! It even had more space in the trunk – 68.5 cubic feet (2010 models).

Fourth Generation: 2011-2021

Cherokee fourth gen

The fourth generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee (built in 2011-2021) was designed with comfort in mind. It has a four-wheel independent suspension system to make it ride better than ever before. If you like off-roading, this model has an optional suspension that lifts it 10.8 inches off the ground. Plus, if you’re looking for performance, there are two trims (SRT and Trackhawk) with bigger engines that will give you more power and speed.

Fifth Generation: 2021to Present

Grand Cherokee fifth gen

The fifth generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee started in 2021 with the new Grand Cherokee L. This is the first model to offer three rows of seats for up to eight passengers. Before, only two rows were available, and it could seat five people. Now, there are more options when you buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Key And Notable Features

Cherokee interior

Engine Performance

The engine performance of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is impressive and offers a range of choices to suit different driving needs. The 3.0-litre MultiJet II diesel engine delivers a respectable 247bhp and can achieve a 0-100km/h sprint in just 8.2 seconds.

Its automatic gearbox shifts seamlessly, creating a smooth and efficient driving experience. Notably, the improved economy and lower emissions of this diesel engine make it an eco-friendly option. Its impact on the environment is significantly reduced while still offering a considerable punch of power when required.

For those who crave sheer power, the supercharged 6.2-litre V8 Hemi engine in the Trackhawk variant will impress. With a massive 700bhp, this engine can propel the Grand Cherokee from 0-100km/h in a staggering 3.7 seconds. While comfort and off-road abilities are somewhat compromised, the straight-line performance is phenomenal.

The Trackhawk’s engine is a statement in brute force, integrating staggeringly powerful acceleration and dynamic speed. The handling performance of this trim is exceptional, offering next-level driving experiences that will leave most competitors eating dust. In summary, the engine performance options on the Jeep Grand Cherokee are mind-blowing and push the boundaries of what is expected from an SUV.


With a length of 4915 mm, width of 1979 mm, and height of 1816 mm which gives enough ground clearance. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a sizable car that will give you the confidence to tackle any road or terrain.

Not only is it a large car, but it also delivers ample interior space. Making it a perfect choice for large families or individuals who need extra room for their belongings or equipment.

The wheelbase of 2964 mm further underscores the ample space provided by the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Giving ample legroom to the front seats and passengers for optimal cargo capacity.

Equipped with a cutting-edge suspension system, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a car that effectively blends efficiency with style. It provides an excellent driving experience, giving a smooth and comfortable ride, whether you’re driving on city roads or adventurous off-road trails.

Safety Features

The Jeep Grand Cherokee car has proven to be one of the safest vehicles. It offers many advanced safety features that have earned it top ratings in all the necessary crashworthiness tests. The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the three-row Grand Cherokee L have achieved the highest possible rating of TOP SAFETY PICK+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

The Grand Cherokee has also been equipped with an automatic emergency braking (AEB) system, which has earned an “advanced” rating in daytime vehicle-to-pedestrian evaluations and a “superior” rating – the highest rating possible – in nighttime conditions. This technology has been designed to help drivers avoid collisions with pedestrians, making the Grand Cherokee one of the safest SUVs for pedestrians on the market.

The Grand Cherokee has more than 110 available safety and security features, making it one of the most complete SUVs in terms of safety. Additionally, its advanced driver assistance systems, including lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control, provide drivers with additional support and safety while on the road.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee boasts a spacious and comfortable interior, perfect for long journeys or daily commutes. Its premium appearance will impress even the most discerning passengers. However, upon closer inspection, the fit and finish may disappoint some.

The interior is designed to offer convenience and practicality with plenty of storage compartments in various sizes, ensuring that your belongings are always within reach. The abundance of charge points means that all your devices will stay powered and ready for use, from the wireless charging pad to the twin USB-A and USB-C points and the handy 12V outlet.

Passengers in the second row are treated to comfortable and supportive seats that provide a relaxing journey. Directional air vents guarantee that each passenger can tailor the temperature to their needs, while the power outlets enable them to stay connected, no matter how long the trip lasts.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine

Fuel Consumption

When it comes to fuel consumption, the V6 engine-powered Jeep Grand Cherokee holds up quite well against its competitors in the mid-size SUV segment. The vehicle boasts estimated fuel-economy figures of 13.3 L/100km in the city and 8.0 L/100km on the highway when fitted with rear-wheel drive, which is par for the course for its class.

However, those numbers take a modest hit if you opt for a four-wheel drive. The figures drop by 1L/100km giving the fuel tank more kilometres regardless of whether you’re driving in the city or on the highway. Of course, it’s worth noting that such a decrease is not unusual, and many 4WD SUVs have even lower fuel consumption rates.

Boot Space

When all seats are in use, the Grand Cherokee offers an impressive 1067L of cargo space. This is enough room to comfortably seat five passengers and accommodate their luggage, gear, or equipment. However, if you require even more space for larger items, the Grand Cherokee’s second row can be stowed away to create a massive 2005 litres of cargo space.

This provides plenty of room for camping gear, bicycles, sporting equipment, or anything else you may need to transport. In addition to its spacious boot, the Grand Cherokee also features convenient storage options throughout the cabin. There are multiple cup holders, door pockets, and storage compartments to keep your belongings organized and within easy reach.

Towing Capacity

The Jeep Grand Cherokee enables you to take on any adventure with ease. With a maximum towing capacity of 3,200 KGS, this SUV can tow boats, trailers, and anything else you need to bring along on your journey. This best-in-class towing capacity is a testament to the strength and durability of the Grand Cherokee.

Pros And Cons


  • Energetic performance
  • Exceptionally secure driving experience
  • Sumptuously comfortable interiors


  • Moderate exterior appearance
  • Slightly higher price range

Buying Tips and Considerations

The Latest Fourth-Generation Wk2 Models Are Highly Sought-After

The engines in the Grand Cherokee WK2 are very strong and reliable. They also have a lot of power, even the most basic ones. This engine can pull a trailer that is 6,800 pounds! The transmissions usually work well, too, so you will not likely have to pay for expensive repairs.

It Possesses Significant Off-Road Capabilities.

Most SUVs are not that good for off-roading, but the Jeep Grand Cherokee is different. It’s not as strong as a Wrangler or 4Runner, but it will do fine for most people. The Grand Cherokee is great for camping or going on an Overlanding adventure because it can handle slippery terrains in the wild, and it gives a smooth ride on highways. If you want a luxury SUV that can take you places, the Grand Cherokee is perfect!

It’s a Reasonably Reliable SUV

It can be hard to find a reliable Jeep, but the numbers show it is possible. If you take care of your Grand Cherokee and change the oil, transmission fluid, and transfer case fluid regularly, it should last many years.

The fourth-gen model has an average reliability rating of 3.5/5 and an average ownership cost of $666 per year, which is higher than some other SUVs in its category. All generations have engines and transmissions that can last up to 300,000 kilometres if properly cared for.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Towing Capacity Of The Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Well, it depends on the specific model and trim level you choose. Generally speaking, the towing capacity of the Grand Cherokee is a maximum of up to 3500 kilograms.

2. Are Jeep Grand Cherokees expensive to maintain?

Based on data from reputable sources, such as RepairPal, we can deduce that Jeep Grand Cherokees are slightly more expensive to maintain than the average midsize SUV and all vehicle models. The average annual cost for repairs and maintenance on a Jeep Grand Cherokee is $666, as compared to an average of $573 for midsize SUVs and $652 for all vehicle models.

3. What Kind Of Safety Features Come Standard In The Grand Cherokee?

The Grand Cherokee has standard safety features that can help protect you. It has a feature called Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking and Pedestrian/Cyclist Detection. This feature uses sensors at the front of the car to detect possible collisions or obstacles you might not see.

4. What Technology Features Are Available In The Latest Cherokee Models?

The Grand Cherokee has technology to help keep you safe. Adaptive Cruise Control helps you stay at the right speed and lane. The Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning will help you stop if someone is in your way. There is a camera that helps when backing up, and Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross-Path Detection can tell if something is in your blind spot.


As we conclude our comprehensive review of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s clear that this SUV isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a lifestyle. With its unmatched blend of rugged capability, sophisticated design, and world-class technology, the Grand Cherokee stands tall in a class of its own.

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