What Is Stamp Duty On Cars In WA?

December 27, 2022

If you’re a Western Australian resident looking to purchase or sell your car, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the state’s rates. Car stamp duty in WA is calculated as a percentage of the vehicle’s value, with different rates for new and used cars.

Whether you’re buying or selling, if your car is registered in Western Australia, you’ll have to pay taxes. Paying tax on your car can seem like an added expense when you’re already feeling squeezed for cash. But it’s important to remember that these taxes help keep our roads safe and maintained.

This article will examine what you need to know about WA’s car duty tax.

What Is Stamp Duty On A Car?

What Is Stamp Duty On A Car

Stamp duty on a car is the amount of tax payable when purchasing a vehicle. This varies from state to state and is calculated based on the price of the car, its fuel type, engine size, and other factors.

In some states, it may include vehicle registration duty fees, vehicle transfer fees, and compulsory third-party insurance premiums for certain vehicles. It is important to check with your local authorities for the exact amount payable on a car.

Generally, the cost of stamp duty can be high, so it is important to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase. In many cases, dealerships will include some or all of the costs in the price they offer you for the car.

Make sure to read any documentation carefully and ask questions if needed to ensure you are aware of the full cost of the car. If you’re looking for a new or used vehicle, it is important to factor in all costs associated with the property, including purchasing a car. Doing so can help make sure you’re getting the best deal.

It is important to remember that it is a tax that cannot be avoided. Therefore, it’s essential to factor in this cost when deciding if you can afford a car. If you would like more information on the upfront cost of your vehicle, contact your local authorities for assistance.

How Much Is Stamp Duty On A Car In Western Australia?

What Is Stamp Duty In Western Australia

How To Calculate Stamp Duty?

If you’re in the market for a new car, Western Australia offers a range of rates for stamp duty. Cars valued up to $25,000 will pay $2.75 per $100 or part thereof.

On the other hand, cars valued between $25,001 and $50,000 will use a percentage of the dutiable value R, where R = [2.75 + ((dutiable value – 25000)/6666.66)]. Cars estimated to cost over $50,000 will pay $6.5 per $100 or part thereof.

To calculate what you need to pay for your vehicle head over to the Depart of Transport WA and use the stamp duty calculator.

If you’re buying a car from a dealership, they will usually add this fee to the vehicle’s purchase price. However, if you’re buying a car privately, you must pay the fee. To the Department of Transport soonest possible after taking ownership of the vehicle.

So what does this all mean for car buyers in WA? Well, it’s worth researching before purchasing to know exactly how much you’ll need to pay in government fees.

Times You Don’t Pay Motor Vehicle Duty

Excluded From Transfer Duty - Transporting Disabled, War Veterans, and owners of vehicles from interstate.

Exemptions from paying motor vehicle duty may apply in certain circumstances, such as when the vehicle is received as part of a will or divorce settlement. Eligible war veterans and owners of vehicles registered in another state or territory may also be exempt from paying motor vehicle duty.

In addition, vehicles primarily used for transporting disabled or injured persons are also exempt from paying motor vehicle duty.

However, interstate duty fees may still apply in this instance. Don’t hesitate to contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads for more information about exemptions from the duty and other duties such as motor vehicle licence duty.

Is There A Car Stamp Duty Exemption?

Pensioners may be eligible for a stamp duty exemption on their motor vehicles. To be eligible, the vehicle must be designed solely to carry an incapacitated person and not be used to carry any other person. In addition, the pensioner must hold a valid Australian Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card.

You must provide proof of your concession card when registering your vehicle if you are eligible for a stamp duty exemption. You can learn more about these exemptions and how to apply them from your state or territory’s revenue office.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Stamp Duty?

Serious Penalties and Fines

If you don’t pay car stamp duty, what happens? In short, you may face some serious penalties. Here’s a look at what to expect if you don’t pay car stamp duty and the consequences you could face.

You may be penalized and fined if you don’t pay car transfer duty. First, you will likely incur additional fees on the amount you owe. Additionally, if your failure to pay car stamp duty is considered intentional or malicious, you could face criminal charges and even jail time.

You may be prosecuted and fined. In addition, the property you purchase may be subject to a forced sale. The government can sell your property to recoup the unpaid fee. If this happens, you will not receive any proceeds from selling your property.

Paying your car stamp duty on time is important to avoid paying fines or consequences. You can check your local tax authority’s website or contact them directly for more information about payment deadlines and options.

If you have any questions or concerns about paying car transfer duty, it is best to consult a tax professional. They can help guide you through the process and address any specific concerns.

What Is The Purpose Of The Stamp Duty?

What Is The Purpose Of The Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a tax that the government levies on officially registered or stamped documents. The purpose of the stamp duty is to raise revenue for the government, which is one of Australia’s oldest forms of taxation.

In recent years, there has been some discussion about whether or not it should be abolished, as it is seen as a hindrance to economic growth. However, many argue that stamp duty is important in supporting public services.

There are several key reasons governments impose stamp duty on certain documents and transactions. Firstly, this tax generates revenue for public services such as health care, education, and transportation.

It also discourages speculation since the tax is charged on any property transactions. Additionally, some view stamp duty as discouraging financial fraud and manipulation since all recorded documents must be officially stamped to be valid.

While many support keeping the fees in place, others argue it is a barrier to economic growth. For example, some have argued that stamp duty makes it more difficult for businesses to carry out financial transactions and can even discourage property investment.

How Does Stamp Duty Work In Australia?

How Does Stamp Duty Work In Australia

As a car buyer in Australia, you may wonder how exactly stamp duty works. In Australia, property duties typically range between 4% and 5% of your property purchase price. Certain states offer concessions or exemptions to help lessen the burden for car buyers.

To minimize the impact of stamp duty on your finances, it is important to understand how this tax works and what factors may affect your final obligation. Some factors can play a role in the property. These factors include your state of residence, car value and purchase price, and any existing loans you may have.

Additionally, there are often ways to reduce or eliminate stamp duty by taking advantage of exemptions or concessions state governments offer.

Suppose you are considering purchasing a car in Australia. In that case, it is important to familiarize yourself with all aspects of stamp duty. You will make informed financial decisions and minimize the impact of this tax on your finances.

Are you looking for more information on stamp duty in Australia? Several resources are available online, from state and territory governments to real estate and financial websites.

Additionally, many professionals can provide advice and guidance tailored to your situation. With research and planning, you can successfully navigate the Australian stamp duty system and enjoy the home of your dreams.​

When Can Stamp Duty Be Refunded?

When Can Stamp Duty Be Refunded?

It is possible to apply for a refund on stamp duties paid for purchasing a vehicle, so long as you meet that State or Territory government’s requirements for the refund to be processed.

This changes depending on where you live; the government has a refund program for vehicle tax. You can get your money back if you return the vehicle to the dealership within three months or if you haven’t taken delivery of that vehicle since paying the stamp duty fee.

In most cases, you will need to submit an application for the refund with supporting documentation. Such as a copy of your registration papers or proof of purchase. The application process and required documentation may differ depending on your location, so it is important that you check with your local authorities before proceeding.

Once your application has been received and processed, you should receive a refund in the form of a cheque or direct deposit into your nominated bank account.

Please note that it can take several weeks for the refund to be processed, so patience is advised. If you have any further questions about the refund process, please don’t hesitate to contact your local vehicle registry office.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Meaning Of Stamp Duty Charge?

A stamp duty charge is a tax applied to certain financial transactions. The Australian authorities charge transfer duty on purchasing shares, land, and commercial property. The amount of stamp duty charged depends on the value of the transaction. In most cases, the buyer is responsible for paying this fee.

How Much Is Australian Stamp Duty?

The amount that is payable depends on the value of the transaction and the state or territory in which the transaction takes place. However, stamp duty rates are constantly changing. It’s important to check with your local authority or use a vehicle licence duty calculator to determine how much you’ll need to pay.

For example, a contract to purchase a $500,000 property in New South Wales would attract $17,990. In Victoria, the stamp duty on the same contract would be $21,970.

These rates are reviewed annually and may change from one year to the next. As a result, it is important to obtain advice from a qualified professional before entering into any binding agreement.

How Do I Avoid Stamp Duty In WA?

When you purchase a car in WA, you generally have to pay stamp duty. However, there are a few circumstances where you may not have to pay stamp duty or be eligible for a concession. These include:

  • If you transfer the car between spouses or de facto partners, you may be eligible for an exemption.
  • If your car is being transferred as part of a corporate reconstruction, you may also be eligible for an exemption.
  • If you are taking out a loan for a charitable or philanthropic purpose, you may be exempt from paying transfer duty (known as the dealer exemption).
  • Reassessment of duty paid on transferring a caravan license may also be available in certain circumstances.
  • If your car is returned for refund or replacement, you may be entitled to a reassessment of the stamp duty paid.

If any of these circumstances apply to you, then you should speak to your car dealer or financial institution. About how to avoid paying transfer duty on your car purchase in WA.


If you’re looking to buy a car in Western Australia, you must know the amount you’ll need to pay. This charge is based on the vehicle’s value, so it’s worth researching before making a purchase.

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work and compiled all the information you need about stamp duty on cars in WA. So, whether you’re buying a new or used car, you should be ready for that purchase. Otherwise, you can always contact us before heading to the dealership.

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