What Is The Best Secondhand Model of The Nissan Patrol?

June 16, 2023

In present times driven by the desire for shiny new possessions, we often overlook the timeless beauty and charm that lies in the arms of secondhand treasures. Imagine, if you will, a vehicle that holds within its very essence a myriad of untold tales, each one a thread woven into the tapestry of its history.

The best secondhand model of the Nissan Patrol is not merely a means of transportation; it is a vessel of memories, an embodiment of cherished moments. The faint scent of untold adventures lingers as you settle into its weathered yet welcoming embrace.

This majestic machine, built to weather storms and stand tall amidst adversity, invites us to venture beyond the boundaries of our everyday lives. It beckons us to chase the horizon, lose ourselves in nature’s grandeur, and rediscover the wildness within us. With every mile travelled, it becomes a trusted confidant, a steadfast companion, and a silent witness to the unspoken dreams that stir our hearts.

But beyond its intrinsic beauty, the best secondhand model of the Nissan Patrol embodies a spirit of sustainability and conscious consumption. So, buckle up, my fellow adventurers, for a voyage of emotions awaits us. Let us seize this opportunity to reconnect with the world around us, savouring the moments that define us and embracing the evocative beauty within this remarkable vehicle’s heart.

Nissan Patrol History

Nissan Patrol History

Overview of the Nissan Patrol’s History

The Nissan Patrol is renowned for its raw power and adventurous spirit. It has been part of automotive history for over 60 years. It has faced the toughest terrains and won over off-road lovers.

Originally a workhorse in 1951, the Patrol has become a strength and resilience symbol. Its strong body and imposing look inspire admiration and enthusiasm.

The Nissan Patrol is an explorer’s dream, combining modernity and spirit. It can conquer deserts and navigate mountain passes. Its interior provides a sanctuary of comfort, and its engine roars with adventure and power. It urges drivers to explore the unknown and push boundaries.

The Nissan Patrol is a legendary vehicle that has been a part of many expeditions. Its engineering is strong and reliable, making it a dependable partner. This symbol of resilience and strength still inspires others.

Its history is proof of its greatness, and its future promises more. For those who want to explore, the Nissan Patrol is ready to take them to the unknown and give them unforgettable memories.

Key Features And Specifications Of The Nissan Patrol

The Nissan Patrol is a powerful and captivating SUV that will leave you breathless with its remarkable features and stunning performance. Designed to conquer both city streets and rugged terrains, this magnificent beast is built to fulfil your wildest automotive desires.

Powerful Engine

Fueling your adventures is a high-performing 2825 cc engine boasting four cylinders that effortlessly ignite your passion for the open road. With every engine rev, you’ll feel an exhilarating surge of energy, like a symphony of power orchestrating your journey.


The Nissan Patrol is a luxurious seven-passenger SUV with plenty of space and comfort, making it the perfect choice for family vacations or exciting adventures with friends. In the city, the Nissan Patrol shines with its impressive fuel efficiency.

It smoothly glides through the bustling streets, effortlessly maneuvering tight corners and crowded intersections. A city mileage of 12.6 km allows you to enjoy the hustle and bustle while keeping your fuel consumption in check.

Strong And Durable

When the call of the wild beckons, the Nissan Patrol eagerly answers. Its rugged and muscular body type exudes an undeniable presence that commands attention on any terrain.

From the rocky mountain trails to the sandy dunes, this SUV fearlessly treads upon the unknown, taking you on exhilarating off-road adventures that leave lasting memories.

Manual Transmission

Equipped with a manual transmission, the Nissan Patrol puts you in complete control of every gear shift. Allowing you to feel the connection between man and machine truly. It’s an experience that ignites your senses, bringing out the adventurer within you.

Large Fuel Tank

With a fuel tank capacity of 60 litres, the Nissan Patrol ensures your journeys are long-lasting and uninterrupted. Whether traversing vast landscapes or conquering the concrete jungle, this SUV ensures you’re well-prepared for the road ahead, providing peace of mind and the freedom to explore.

The Nissan Patrol is more than just a vehicle; it’s a companion that understands and shares your passions. It embodies power, elegance, and adventure, ready to accompany you on every journey. Get ready to indulge in the extraordinary and experience the thrill that awaits with the Nissan Patrol.

Why The Nissan Patrol Is A Popular Choice In The Secondhand Market?

The Nissan Patrol has emerged as an undeniable force in the secondhand market. Captivating the hearts and minds of SUV enthusiasts around the globe.

With its unrivalled blend of power, prestige, and reliability. It’s no wonder that this mighty vehicle has secured its position as a beloved choice for those seeking adventure and luxury on four wheels.

Here are reasons why it is still in the hearts of many car Enthusiasts.

Sheer Presence

The Nissan Patrol has an impressive presence. Its bold silhouette draws attention wherever it goes.

The muscular grille and strong body lines convey a feeling of power and assurance. People cannot help but be captivated by this SUV.

Out-Of-The-World Driving Experience

The Nissan Patrol has a striking exterior. Its powerful engine provides a thrilling driving experience.

It can tackle tough terrains and cruise in cities. This vehicle has both performance and control, allowing you to explore.

Spacious And Redefined Interior

Enter the Nissan Patrol’s cabin, surrounded by luxury and sophistication. With supple leather upholstery and top-of-the-line technology, every detail has been carefully designed to create a luxurious atmosphere. The Nissan Patrol provides functionality and indulgence, creating a memorable ride.


The Nissan Patrol is reliable and durable. Its engineering and craftsmanship are high quality, demonstrating Nissan’s commitment to excellence. Buying a used Patrol allows you to start a new chapter of your life with a dependable friend, ready to join you on many journeys and make memories that will stay with you forever.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Secondhand Nissan Patrol

Brakes, Suspension, And Steering

The brakes of this vehicle could be more reliable, so many owners install better EBC pads and discs. The steel brake lines are prone to corrosion. The suspension bushes may be worn down, so Superpro items are a popular replacement.

A Pedders suspension kit will greatly improve the ride and handling. The steering may have faulty joints, which can be fixed with a Pedders kit. People who go off-roading may fit a steering damper to prevent thumb-breaking kickback.


Look for bubbles. Rust on the front cross member is so common many owners consider it normal. The rear subframe rusts severely as well. Check for signs of off-roading damage on both the front and back.


The 2.8 has a timing belt and can have seized glow plugs. Poor removal may result in having to replace the cylinder head. Biofuel can cause running issues and rot the injector pump seals.

The seals can be replaced. The 3.0-litre engine has a timing chain and can have performance issues. Some owners block off the exhaust gas recirculation valve, which can lead to turbo trouble in early 3.0 cars.


Ensure that any alterations are seamless and that the clutch isn’t slipping. It is important to pay particular attention to manual models manufactured before 2002, as they tend to have a weakly engaged fifth gear, so make sure it engages securely and remains there.


Take the time to thoroughly feel the carpets for any signs of dampness, as deep wading is a common cause of water damage. Also, check that all electric windows and air-conditioning systems are properly working. Inspect these areas, as they could reveal potential problems to address before purchase.

Evaluating Different Generations of the Nissan Patrol

First Generation (1951-1960)

First Gen Nissan Patrol

In 1951, car production had just restarted in Japan after the war. The nation needed a reliable off-road vehicle, so the 4W Series Patrol was created in Hiratsuka. It made history by being the first car to climb the 2500-meter Mount Fuji, and its reputation grew.

This remarkable automobile provided unstoppable power and performance, with a powerful 3.7-litre in-line 6-cylinder petrol engine and four-speed manual transmission.

The model was changed in 1955 when the 4W61 was released. In 1958, the 4W65/4W66 variants were released, and the Patrol badges were put on the bonnet for the first time.

The Nissan Patrol became popular with professional and recreational drivers in Japan and beyond after Nissan began exporting it in the early 1960s. It’s 4×4 “Go Anywhere” features made it a great choice.

Second generation (1960-1980)

The second generation of this car ruled the roads with a 4.0-litre inline 6-cylinder petrol engine and a three-speed manual transmission.

The Patrol started to gain control of the world. The 60 Series, a consumer-based model, lasted for two decades. It could handle any tough conditions. Australia was one of the first countries to get the off-roader from Japan in 1961, the second-generation G60 Datsun Patrol.

One year later, the first motorized vehicle crossed the Simpson Desert. Geologist Reg Sprigg, his wife Griselda, and their kids Marg and Doug took 12 days to journey.

In 1957, the first Patrol reached Kuwait in the Middle East. It offered luxury, technology, and strength. Drivers enjoyed a great experience, which made it popular with royalty and celebrities.

In 1961, the second-generation models of the Japanese off-roader were delivered to the US. It earned a reputation for being capable of tackling rugged terrain and was called the “King of the Off-Road.”

The Patrol was the first model sold as a ‘Nissan’ in the US. It gained much admiration from American drivers in the sixties. Roy Rogers, the ‘King of the Cowboys,’ was even a brand ambassador for it in 1967. The Indian army obtained a license from Nissan in the early 60s to make the Jonga in Jabalpur.

The Indian army used the Jonga, which stood for ‘Jabalpur Ordnance and Guncarriage Assembly.’ In 1996 the SUV was released for public use and had a different engine.

Third Generation (1980-2000)

The 3rd generation featured a range of engines from 2.8-litre in-line 6-cylinder petrol to 4.0-litre in-line 6-cylinder petrol. Transmission options included both four-speed manual and three-speed automatic.

The third generation of the Patrol, also known as 160, was released in 1980. This version marked a big change for the car, from an industrial vehicle to a family favourite. It had five doors, space for seven people, and air-conditioning, making it a great choice for those in hot, desert climates.

Nissan named the 160 Series ‘Safari’ in Japan and South Africa. This model was the first Patrol to be released in South Africa. It was available as a pick-up and a long-wheelbase wagon with horizontally split rear gates.

Nissan entered the European market in 1983 and quickly made an impression with their success in motorsport. In 1987, their Nissan Patrol Fanta Limon was the first diesel vehicle to finish Top 10 in the Paris-Dakar race. By 1988, they had achieved great success in Spain’s SUV market, dominating with their Patrol model.

Fourth Generation (1997-2010)

Fourth Gen Nissan Patrol

The fourth generation of this car had four engine options: a 2.8-litre turbo diesel six-cylinder, a 3.0-litre petrol six-cylinder, a 4.2-litre petrol 6-cylinder, and a 4.2-litre diesel 6-cylinder. It came with either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission.

The fourth-generation Nissan Patrol was a revolutionary car in its time. It was the first to feature all-around coil spring suspension, power steering, and synchromesh reverse gear. These features made it stand out from other era models and set a new standard for luxury cars.

The Toyota Corolla, released in 1966, marked a significant milestone for the automotive industry. It was an innovative car that advanced the technology of cars at the time and provided drivers with improved comfort levels.

Fifth Generation (2010-2021)

Fifth Gen Nissan Patrol

The Fifth Generation of engines established a new standard for dependability with its offered lineup, including the 2.8-litre in-line 6-cylinder turbo diesel, the 3.0-litre 4-cylinder turbo diesel, a 4.8-litre in-line 6-cylinder turbo diesel. Transmissions available for these engines were a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic.

Buyers expected more comfort and off-road performance, so the new Patrol had improved styling, luxury, and technical sophistication. It had a smoother, rounded body shape, a “v” grille, and seven-seat and pickup options in some markets.

The interior was updated with new seats, trim, console, and door handles, and it also offered satellite navigation and a reversing camera. In 2016, the Y61 was relaunched in the Middle East as the Patrol Super Safari to cater to off-roading fans in the region.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Did Nissan Stop Making Patrol?

Nissan ceased production of its iconic Nissan Patrol SUV as the market demand shifted away from traditional fuel-powered vehicles and towards electrification.

How Does The Nissan Patrol Compare To Other Popular Suvs In Its Class?

Objectively, the Toyota is a more sophisticated and well-rounded package than the Patrol. It offers a superior engine, drivetrain, and off-road equipment that warrants the additional cost compared to its competitor. This attention to detail in terms of quality and performance helps make it an attractive option for those looking for something more refined.

What Are Some Popular Modifications For Secondhand Nissan Patrols?

The second-hand Nissan Patrol has undergone impressive upgrades to enhance its off-road capabilities and overall performance. The vehicle has been equipped with various aftermarket modifications to tackle any terrain confidently. Upgrades include a heavy-duty suspension system, allowing for improved ground clearance and increased load capacity.

The installation of “Bash Plates” provides added protection and recovery options. Additional enhancements include larger all-terrain tires for enhanced traction. These upgrades ensure the Nissan Patrol is ready for any adventure, offering a reliable and capable off-road experience.


When it comes to finding the best secondhand model of the Nissan Patrol, there are several factors to consider. The Nissan Patrol has long been revered for its robustness, reliability, and off-road capabilities. Making it a popular choice among adventure enthusiasts and off-road fans.

Purchasing a used Nissan Patrol is an excellent choice for those seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising performance and durability.

One of the key advantages of purchasing a used Nissan Patrol is the cost savings. Secondhand vehicles often come at a fraction of the price of their brand-new counterparts. Making them an attractive option for buyers on a budget.

Mad Man Motors is a reliable and trustworthy option when searching for a reputable dealership specializing in secondhand Nissan Patrol models. With its extensive inventory and commitment to quality, Mad Man Motors has built a strong reputation in the pre-owned car market.

Our dedicated team of experts ensures that each vehicle undergoes rigorous inspections and maintenance to guarantee optimal performance. Begin on your next adventure confidently, knowing you’ve invested smartly in a quality secondhand Nissan Patrol from Mad Man Motors.

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